What to Expect on your First Visit to a Urologist

July 26, 2022

Urologists are doctors specializing in treating conditions related to the urinary system. The human urinary system is responsible for flushing away waste and toxins, so keeping it healthy is of primordial importance. The urinary tract comprises different parts- such as the kidneys, the bladder, the ureters, and the urethra. A urologist can also treat various conditions of the reproductive system or the adrenal glands. A urology doctor new york can also help with urinary tract infections, hematuria (blood in the urine), erectile dysfunction, infertility issues, kidney stones, or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Urologists treat and diagnose a wide range of diseases. Some urologists practice without performing surgeries, but typically urologists are trained to be surgeons. Some of the subspecialties in urology include urologic oncology, male infertility, sexual medicine, and even kidney transplantation or robotic surgery.

On your first visit to the urologist, be prepared to answer important questions relating to your medical history, current condition, any underlying health issues, current symptoms, and so on. Then, the urologist new york will order some tests to diagnose your condition. These tests will help determine the best way to treat your disease. First, there will be a physical examination- typically, men undergo a rectal examination, while women undergo a pelvic exam.

Your doctor may also order a urinalysis, ask for semen samples, or perform blood tests. For these tests, you need to provide samples of urine, blood, semen, etc. Then, the doctor may ask for imaging tests such as a CT or an ultrasound to get a complete picture of the problem.

If you require medical care for urinary issues, sexual problems, or pelvic pain, your primary doctor may refer you to a urologist. The urologist will then order tests so that he can diagnose your condition correctly. You should never feel ashamed about discussing issues such as infertility, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, etc. These are problems that a large percentage of the population deals with, and the urologist is a trained medical doctor specializing in treating all these conditions.