Urologist New York City

Contact the best when you need a quality urologist New York City. Dr. Jack Bruder is a board-certified urologist with over 25 years of experience in practice. He is dedicated to providing patients with the highest level of healthcare available. To make an appointment at his 315 Madison Ave office, call 212-661-7003 or visit Suite 407.

Every man above 40 is required to undergo a Prostate exam and for those of you who don’t know what one is, it provides a Urologist New York City insight on the state of your prostate. At Luzato Medical Group we provide prostate exams and build treatment plans that tailor to your specific needs.

A Urologist New York City at Luzato Medical Group has just the right combination of experience and overall knowledge to have you ready for anything. As you get older, chances of a health problem concerning your prostate unfortunately increase. It is your job to seek help and learn what lies ahead. Prostate problems and all urological conditions come with both age and genetics and at Luzato Medical Group our plan is to have you ready for anything that might come your way.

Urology is the medical specialty concerned with diseases and conditions associated with the male and female urinary tract. There are thousands of specialists or urologists working in hundreds of facilities in the United States but none with the respect and commitment like you will find at Luzato Medical Group. Run by Dr. Jack Bruder a Urologist New York City, Luzato Medical Group creates a specialized plan for all of your urological needs. At Luzato Medical Group, we specialize in general urological conditions, diagnostic services and we have a special interest in kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and prostate cancer.

Luzato is made up of a team of experts highly trained in using non-invasive techniques in treating urological disorders and diseases. Having worked together for years, we have seen it all. In 25 years we have treated and cured thousands of patients with diseases ranging from kidney stones to prostate cancer. At Luzato Medical Group we want patients to be assured that our consultants are not only well-trained to the highest standards but also have performed hundreds of procedures. Jack Bruder is a Urologist New York City that created Luzato Medical Group with the idea to have a haven for all urology patients, where no one feels discriminated and where everyone’s questions may be answered. Hence, Luzato Medical Group has become one of the most sought after and respected health centers in the country.