Symptoms and Causes of Kidney Stones

November 11, 2022

Your urinary tract is like a human drainage system that works to remove urine and toxins. All the body parts need to work in perfect order so that urination can happen within normal parameters. It is also essential to schedule regular checkups with your urology doctor new york to ensure everything works properly. Also, with regular checkups, you can catch any issue or disease in its early phase, and with the proper treatment, you can heal much faster.

According to a urology doctor new york, kidney stones are pieces of material resembling smaller or larger pebbles. Kidney stones can form in only one or both of the kidneys. This typically happens when there is an accumulation of certain minerals in the urine. Kidney stones generally do not represent a cause for permanent damage, especially if a health expert treats the problem.

So what are the symptoms and causes of kidney stones? Some of the main symptoms include:

  • You can feel pain in your back, lower abdomen, or groin area. The pain is sharp.
  • Hematuria- or urine that contains blood (this can be pink, brown, or dark red)
  • Feeling pain while urinating & a constant need to urinate
  • Urine that smells foul
  • The inability to urinate or urinating only tiny amounts

If you struggle with these symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor. The symptoms may be indicative of kidney stones or another underlying health condition. Generally, the pain associated with kidney stones can last for a shorter or longer period, and feelings of nausea and vomiting may accompany it. Some other accompanying symptoms may include fever, chills, and feeling unwell.

What are the causes of kidney stones? Kidney stones form because of high oxalates, calcium, and phosphorus content in the urine. These materials do not cause any issues in low amounts, but they can lead to kidney stone formation if the content exceeds normal levels. Small kidney stones can be passed on their own, but you should see a urologist for proper treatment if you struggle with kidney stones.