Male Voiding dysfunction is a condition in which the bladder is not able to void urine properly. This occurs when there is a miscommunication between the bladder muscle and the urethra. During the normal urination, the bladder muscle contracts while the urethra relaxes and opens, permitting urine flow out of the body. Patients experiencing voiding dysfunction are not able to urinate due to poor communication between the bladder and the urethra. Some voiding issues may be associated with obstruction such as enlarged prostate pushing and obstructing the urethra, prostatitis and bladder stones. Patients may experience difficulty emptying the bladder, weak flow of urine, or dripping urine post void. The physician will perform specific exams to determine the cause of the obstruction such as a urinalysis/culture, ultrasound of the prostate and voiding cystourethrogram. If the physician finds it necessary, medications may be administered to help relieve symptoms. However, if all treatment is unsuccessful, surgery may be necessary to relieve the prostates obstruction of the urethra.