There are two prominent types of drug therapy used: alpha blockers and hormone suppressors. Flomax, Uroxatrol and raplaflo are alpha blocker used to relax smooth muscle tissue in your bladder and prostate, which in return eases the process of urination. A small amount of patients happen to experience some side-effects including dizziness and lethargy, along with a decreased amount of semen as a result of it going into the bladder and is voided during urination.
Proscar and avodart, the hormone suppressors function as prostate gland minimizers. They reduce the size of the prostate. These medications reduce effects of testosterone on the prostate gland also known as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. Their side-effects have been noted as a decrease in ejaculation volume and PSA value by 50%.
Jalyn,  a 5-alpha reductase in addition to the alpha blocker which is in combination of Avodart and Flomax, have upgraded symptoms when used together instead of separately.