Possible Causes of Low Libido in Men

April 22, 2022

The libido is the word describing the general sexual drive or desire. Libido is not something that should be felt constantly, day in, day out. There are some days and situations when people have an increased libido, and days when the libido is low. A problem may arise if one has a very low libido for prolonged periods of time- the problem could be psychological, or biological and then you should see a urologist new york for further investigations.

A constant low libido can affect one’s intimate relationship. However, there are some underlying causes that can lead to a decreased sexual desire in men and it is good to know about them. For example, as men age their testosterone levels also decrease. Even though after the age of 30 testosterone levels start dropping, the issue becomes more visible after the age of 50. Low testosterone levels for prolonged periods can lead to further issues such as anxiety/depression, erectile dysfunction, weight gain and others.

Then, there are certain prescription medications that can have as side effect a low libido. Such medication includes the ones needed for blood pressure regulation (especially the beta blockers). Perhaps the biggest ruining factor of sexual desire in men is stress. Prolonged periods of stress can negatively impact the libido, so by managing stress levels the problem can be naturally reversed. Stress can also lead to erectile dysfunction or even premature ejaculation problems in men. This is why it is so important to manage stress as well as possible.

Certain underlying health conditions can directly affect testosterone levels in men. For example, obesity, diseases that involve inflammation, thyroid issues or cancer can all have a negative impact on a man’s sexual drive. As you can easily note, the libido can be affected by a wide range of issues. In case you have noticed prolonged periods of low libido, it is imperative to schedule an appointment with an urologist new york. The doctor will investigate the problem and find the root cause of the low testosterone levels, and prescribe the right treatment plan.