Urology: Frequently Asked Questions

February 25, 2022

First of all what is urology? It is the medical specialty focusing on genital & urinary tract diseases and conditions in men, women and children alike. Urologists also specialize in the diagnosis of male reproductive system disorders.

Is there a recommended age at which men should start seeing a urologist? Definitely yes. Men should start seeing a urology doctor new york city after the age of 40. Especially if there is a family history of prostate cancer, men should undergo regular urology checkups and screenings every year.

What type of medical training do urologists have? A urology doctor new york city is a medical doctor who has completed medical school, plus general surgical training. All these followed by another 4 years of specialty training in urologic surgery. If you need to start seeing a urology doctor New York City make sure to find a professional that you like and trust so that you can start building a long term relationship with your doctor. This way you will feel much more comfortable when the yearly checkup date is nearing.

Is there anything that one can do to maintain good urologic health? The answer is quite simple and rules are simple too. In order to avoid urological complications you need to keep up with good and healthy habits such as a healthy diet, regular exercise, avoiding tobacco and alcohol and maintaining a healthy weight. Furthermore, urologists recommend avoiding diuretics – these are the beverages and foods that subtract water from the system.

Urodynamic test. What is it? “Urodynamics” is a medical term referring to the mechanisms that make up the urinary tract. Basically, this test will help checking the functioning of the bladder, the sphincters, the urethra, and urine elimination.

Do urologists specialize in erectile dysfunction? Yes. Urologists can help diagnosing erectile dysfunction. The doctor performs the required tests and screenings in order to find the main cause of the erectile dysfunction. ED is quite a taboo among men, but it is important to mention that urologists are the best doctors that can help solving the problem in the shortest timeframe.