Prostate Health- What you Can Do For Good Health

January 25, 2022

The best cure is of course prevention, even when we talk about prostate health. Most adult men start worrying whenever they are faced with issues such as benign prostate hyperplasia, an enlarged prostate or a much more serious problem such as prostate cancer. It is extremely important to mention that with regular checkups performed by a urology doctor nyc, you can keep at bay the aggravation of your prostate problem. Every man’s general lifestyle, his current diet, or his exercise habits, all have a direct impact on prostate health. By implementing good habits you will manage to lower your risk for prostate related diseases, but also other major organ problems such as heart complications or kidney disease.

So what can you do to maintain good prostate health? Here are some helpful tips

Start exercising and lose weight if needed

In order to promote good prostate health, these are the very first things you can focus on. Introduce regular exercise in your everyday routine. Even if you start by 20-mimnute long walks around the block or playing football for fun- every little movement helps. When you start exercising on a regular basis, you will also start to lose weight gradually, so they go hand in hand.

Consume healthy food

There are several prostate-friendly foods available out there, and you should introduce them into your daily diet. Consuming these foods on a regular basis will help reducing your risk for prostate cancer. These foods include oily fish packed with Omega 3, nuts olives, avocados and plenty of veggie bowls. Focusing mostly on a plant –based diet will help you maintain good prostate health. Reduce sugar intake, saturated fats and processed foods as much as possible.

Regular checkups

Following a healthy lifestyle is super beneficial to you. However, in order to truly know that everything is in order you need to schedule regular visits with your urologist doctor nyc. Doctors recommend that men 45+ should get checked by an urologist at least once per year. The consultation does not last long, and it is one more important step that you are doing for your health.