How to Know if Your Prostate Is Healthy

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As a man gets older, his prostate will grow.  If it’s not cared for, an enlarged prostate can lead to other health complications.  That’s why after the age of 25, all men should be aware of how healthy their prostate is.  Sometimes there will be obvious signs when it isn’t in good condition, such as […]

Keep the flame alive – Erectile dysfunction solutions


Enjoying intimacy and having a fulfilling life is still possible. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects many men, causing insecurity, self-consciousness and depression, among other conditions capable of damaging their self-esteem and overall emotional health. There are several ways to fight this issue in a non-invasive way depending on the underlying causes of the […]

Have a better life. 5 tips for a healthy bladder


  Why should you worry about keeping your bladder healthy?   The bladder is a very important organ because it stores all the urine that comes from your kidneys, and allows you to discharge this fluid and its toxins when it’s necessary to keep you healthy. In order to keep things running smooth and stay […]

Infertilidad Masculina


La infertilidad es una enfermedad que imposibilita que una pareja pueda concebir un hijo o de poder quedar en embarazo tras 7 o más meses de intentarlo. Afecta a más de 15% de parejas a nivel mundial las cuales el 21% son debidos a un factor masculino, 33% un factor femenino y un 40% de […]