Is Depression Affecting My Sex Drive?

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We’ve probably all seen the commercials advertising pills that increase a man’s sex drive.  Did you know, however, that there are actually medications that have the opposite effect?  Of course, their goal isn’t to do so, but they come as a side effect of the medication.  This is important to know, because sometimes when men […]

Prostate Cancer: What You Need to Know

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The prostate is the male gland that produces the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm.  Unfortunately, cancer in the prostate is one of the most common types of cancers.  Many prostate cancers are slow growing and are confined to the prostate; others are fast growing and can spread quickly.  In order to have the […]

How to Know if Your Prostate Is Healthy

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As a man gets older, his prostate will grow.  If it’s not cared for, an enlarged prostate can lead to other health complications.  That’s why after the age of 25, all men should be aware of how healthy their prostate is.  Sometimes there will be obvious signs when it isn’t in good condition, such as […]

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

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Testosterone is the male hormone that regulates fertility, muscle mass, fat distribution, and red blood cell production.  That being said, when a man has low levels of testosterone, it can have a huge impact on his body.  This could happen because of a man’s diet, lifestyle choices, age, and even environmental factors.  One of the […]

Medications That Cause Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile depression is something that affects men all over the world.  It’s common because it can be caused by a variety of factors such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, relationship problems, stress, high cholesterol, and much more.  If you’re struggling with ED and you have crossed off most of the possibilities as to why […]

How Relationship problems Cause ED

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Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects men all over the world.  Although it’s so common, however, it’s not something that people feel comfortable talking about.  This is because a lot of men feel embarrassed about their situation, no matter how common it really is.  There are many factors that can cause this to happen, […]

Recovering From Adult Circumcision

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In the United States, it’s fairly common for men to be circumcised, but not as much as before.  Although nearly 85% of men were circumcised in 1985, the number has dropped to 55% over the years.  Researchers claim that this is due to the increase in immigration, which has changed the cultural and religious beliefs […]

Causes and Impacts of Urinary Incontinence

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There are many reasons why a man will visit a urology doctor in New York, such as erectile dysfunction, bladder cancer, or even an enlarged prostate.  Another common reason is because of urinary incontinence, which is the unintentional passing of urine.  This problem is more common than you’d think, and affects millions of people every […]

Is Smoking Making Me Infertile?

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When you and your partner make the decision to have a baby, it should be one of the most exciting decisions of your life!  When you start the process, it’s normal if your partner doesn’t get pregnant the first time that you try.  What happens, though, when it takes way longer than you expected?  There […]

How Are Lifestyle Choices and Prostate Cancer Connected?

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As we’ve all heard many times in our life, having a healthy lifestyle should be one of our top priorities.  This means we should exercise, eat healthy, and get regular check-ups with our urologist in New York.  Of course, we all know this to be true.  That being said, it doesn’t mean that we’re all […]