Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a chronic condition of the bladder that causes pelvic pain, bladder pressure and bladder pain. The severity of pain may range from slight discomfort to intolerable pain. IC may affect all types of people ranging from men to women to children, however more prominent in women aged 40 and above. Although the cause of IC is not fully understood, some evidence proves that allergies, specific food, irritating substances within the urine itself, menstruation, long episodes of sitting, stress, exercise, sexual activity or the bladders GAG layer thinning out may be causing the pain to flare up. Patients usually experience bladder pain and a constant need to urinate. IC symptoms symptoms are very similar to urinary tract infection. The symptoms do vary from person to person. If symptoms persist, it is recommended to see a physician to examine and perform appropriate tests such as a cystoscopy, urine test, and a complete pelvic exam to assist patients lead a comfortable life style.