How Relationship problems Cause ED

January 27, 2021

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects men all over the world.  Although it’s so common, however, it’s not something that people feel comfortable talking about.  This is because a lot of men feel embarrassed about their situation, no matter how common it really is.  There are many factors that can cause this to happen, which include inadequate blood flow to the penis, excessive drinking, medications, chronic illnesses, and more.  (Related topics: urologist New York)
Among the many reasons that ED can occur, one of the popular reasons that this occurs is due to problems within the relationship.  This can be due to different reasons.  For instance, if the partner was unfaithful during the relationship, it could cause the man to be insecure about his sexual performance.  When this happens, the man may have difficulty keeping an erection.  Another reason for ED to occur is stress and depression, which can both be linked to relationship problems. 
When this occurs, it’s a vicious cycle.  This is because when a man struggles with erectile dysfunction, it usually causes him to feel even more stressed and insecure.  As a result, this complication becomes even more difficult to treat.  When this becomes a recurring problem, there are two ways that it can be resolved.
The first option that should be considered is couples therapy.  This is because if the relationship is causing the erectile dysfunction to occur, then working towards improving the relationship can cure the ED.  if this doesn’t work, the man should see an erectile dysfunction doctor in New York City,.  The urologist will evaluate your situation and suggest the best treatment for his situation.  Some of the options include medications, injections, or surgery.
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